Disability Confident is a government scheme that will help you to embrace the talents that people with disabilities and health conditions can bring to your workplace.

As a Disability Confident ‘Leader’, Seetec Pluss can help you on your Disability Confident journey. We’ll help you to sign up, get great staff and create a thriving, inclusive and healthy workforce.

The Disability Confident scheme has three levels designed to support you at every step of your journey.

At each stage, you will also receive a certificate and logo to use on your website and marketing materials.


Level 1 – Disability Confident Committed

You’ll agree to the Disability Confident commitments and identify at least one action to make a difference for disabled people. This can include an action like paid work, work experience, work trials, apprenticeships, internships and so on.

Once you’ve signed up as Disability Confident Committed, you’ll be registered for three years and receive a self-assessment pack to help you continue your journey to becoming a Disability Confident Employer


Level 2 – Disability Confident Employer

Once you’ve signed up for level 1 you can progress to level 2, a Disability Confident Employer, by self-assessing your organisation around two themes:

  • Getting the right people for your business
  • Keeping and developing your people.

Disability Confident Employers are recognised as going the extra mile to make sure disabled people get a fair chance. Once you’ve completed your online self-assessment, you’ll be registered as a Disability Confident Employer for three years. You’ll receive information on how to become a Disability Confident Leader


Level 3 – Disability Confident Leader

By stepping up to become a Disability Confident Leader, you’ll be acting as a champion within your local and business communities.

To reach this level you’ll need to:

  • Have your self-assessment validated by someone externally – Seetec Pluss can do this!
  • Provide a short narrative to show what you have done or will be doing to support your status as a Disability Confident Leader
  • Confirm you are employing disabled people
  • Report on disability, mental health and wellbeing, by referring to the Voluntary Reporting Framework.

Once you’re recognised as a Disability Confident Leader, you’ll be registered for 3 years.

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