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Beginning with a sense of direction

Mark joined the Work and Health Programme not knowing what direction he wanted to go in and had clear anxieties around returning to work from previous experiences he has had.

Since Mark has been on the Work and Health Programme with Maximus he has completed activities to help guide and support him in his journey back to work. These were related to job goals, transferable skills, CV building, job applications and online courses and these were beneficial to Mark to help him focus positively on moving forwards.

Mark also used the National Careers Service support to give him extra guidance and support. The main objective throughout Mark’s time on the programme was identifying the reasons behind him not feeling motivated and confident to carry out applications independently and feel ready to work again.

Getting engagement from employers boosted his confidence

The development in Mark’s journey occurred because he was so open to discuss issues he had so they could be unpicked and discussed in regular appointments. He found the confidence to take himself out of his comfort zone to research and apply for roles and felt happy doing this.

Through working on his CV and analysing the skills he has, Mark gained a new confidence in his capabilities and a motivation to want to find suitable employment. Mark started to get employer interest and it boosted his confidence and made him realise his potential.

We spoke positively about the benefits of work in terms of professional and personal development and since he has been working for Sitel as a Test and Trace Customer Service agent, he has been able to use his skills and has was quickly given more responsibility within the role, which reaffirmed his skills.

Life changing employment opportunities

Mark has been very grateful for the continued, consistent support from Maximus and believes he would never have secured employment without their help.

Mark continues to fully engage with in-work support and has already been talking about other opportunities he could move onto with the skills he has gained so far. This shows aspiration and dedication to continue in employment and make changes to his life.

In partnership with Maximus. The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock image used.

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