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Held back by low self-esteem

“I was first introduced to the Work and Health programme by my work coach at Upton Jobcentre in July 2020. At that time, I was volunteering for several local organisations and hoping to obtain paid employment, however I found that my biggest barrier to this was my overall confidence and self-esteem.

“Since graduating from my MA programme in 2019, I had been searching for work, often reaching interview stage but not being successful beyond this, often due to lack of relevant work experience.

Losing hope

“When national restrictions began, I no longer saw the point in applying for work, only to feel disheartened. These feelings led me to experience depression and low self-esteem which on occasion caused me to physically harm myself.

“I was also in receipt of help from another organisation, but I felt that my key worker at the Work and Health programme went the extra mile to help me. Not only giving me the confidence to start searching for work again but to work with me through my struggle with mental health, always showing empathy, compassion and patience.

Back on the journey to employment

“My key worker assured me several times that what I was experiencing was nothing to be ashamed of and that my feelings surrounding job searching were totally normal. Following several intense counselling sessions and weekly conversations with my key worker in which I talked about my health, I eventually felt confident enough to begin searching for paid work again.

“My key worker also introduced me to workshops being run by the Seetec Pluss facilitators, who also played their part in increasing my knowledge, confidence, and sense of purpose. The facilitators of these workshops were easy to talk to, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the current job market.

“As well as an introduction to the I-Works platform, I attended workshops on CV writing and improvements, answering competency based questions at interviews and recognising my own strengths and weaknesses and refining my job search accordingly.

Strong potential

“After Christmas 2020, I felt that things were starting to be more promising when my key worker introduced me to the team at HR Go Recruitment who sent my CV in for various job roles. Through my key worker, the team at HR Go reported that I was articulate and behaved professionally with an excellent telephone manner and would be an asset to any employer. This compliment gave my self-esteem and my sense of employability a real boost.

“It was shortly after this that I was contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions Recruitment team who asked if I would be interested in a position as an A.O (Administrative Office) case worker with the Child Maintenance Group based in Birkenhead. I do believe that it was the help that I have received from my key worker over the past months that gave me the confidence and self-belief to apply for, and to accept this role which I am very excited to start.

“When I think back over the past twelve months and think about how my life has changed, I feel extremely proud of myself for bettering my own situation, but I am extremely thankful for the consistent help which I am still receiving from my key worker which has helped me to realise my own potential.”

The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: North West

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