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Setting out ambitions

Adam promotes personal development, a positive mindset and wellbeing through his podcast. He is also a qualified life coach and would like to turn that into his business. Adam is very skilled in what he does but just needed the support in turning his passion into a viable business.

Together, Adam and his Employment Advisor Dani worked on customer profiling, creating a strong brand and effective marketing. They are still working together on an ongoing basis until Adam’s business has reached a point where it is thriving. He has also secured a job with promoting independence Southwest where he will be working as a Mental Health Coordinator alongside his business.

Building the business

“Hi there my name is Adam Parr. I am an accredited Life coach and host of the ‘Parrsitivity Podcast.’ Upon joining Seetec Pluss, my overall experience has been excellent, it has by far exceeded my expectations. Dani has been able to help me think more pro-actively, in terms of setting up my own business.

“I have been able to shift my perspective in multiple ways, and have been forced to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Since being mentored by Dani, I have created a new professional banner for my life coaching, I’ve also started using Facebook ads to attract clients to my Facebook coaching page. I have ventured into affiliate marketing to attract sponsors for my podcast, I have started advertising my coaching services through my Podcast. I have been thinking more about who my ideal client is and I’m also more mindful within my time management.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Dani, I’m grateful for all her guidance as well as being part of this program with Seetec Pluss.”

Here are the links to Adam’s podcast and life coaching page.
Podcast link: https://the-parrsitivity-podcast.captivate.fm/

Coaching page link: https://www.facebook.com/Parrsitivity94/

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