Adrian (AJ) was referred to the Restart Scheme by his Work Coach at the Jobcentre. During his initial meeting with his Employment Advisor at Reed in Partnership, it came to light that AJ’s personal circumstances had changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading him to becoming homeless and relying on sofa surfing to get by.

Furthermore, the industry that AJ had worked in shut down which also left him unemployed. Out of this meeting, it was clear that AJ had a strong chef background and wanted to find full-time employment so that he could get his own place to live.

AJ was struggling to find suitable roles and engage with local employers until he attended appointments with Reed in Partnership, where the right support was on offer through his Employment Advisor, Luke. They discussed the support on offer such as regular appointments, access to in-house Skills Trainers and 1:1 appointments with the Recruitment Manager. Luke also sat with him to rewrite his CV to make it more up to date.

After the initial meeting, Luke sought advice of the Recruitment Manger to look at local job opportunities for someone of AJ’s experience. He wanted to go back into the hospitality industry, but not as a head chef. After conversations with the Recruitment Manager, AJ agreed to look at Kitchen Assistant roles with live-in opportunities to help him with his current living circumstances.

The Recruitment Manager contacted local employers who were very impressed by AJ’s work history and wanted to arrange interviews to discuss further. AJ attended an interview on the 6th September and was offered the job later that day! The new role will support him with a live-in opportunity along with the chance to progress into other roles in the kitchen when opportunity arises.

Luke and the Business Manager have discussed the financial support available to him now that he is in employment, such as help with the cost of travel to and from work for the first four weeks and to purchase work clothes and boots suitable for his new job. They also discussed other in-work support available to AJ, such as weekly catch-up calls with Luke to check-in and make sure he is getting on well, and to give him any advice should he need it.

When asking AJ for some feedback on his experience with Reed in Partnership he said:

“Everyone at Reed in Partnership has been so helpful and friendly. The support I was instantly given was exactly what I needed to get back into work. Luke and the Newquay Team have helped me get to where I needed to be.”

In partnership with Reed in Partnership. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. Stock image used.

Area: Cornwall

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