Chesca is a new starter with Seetec Pluss and was originally on the JETS scheme when she was offered a position as an Assistant Employment Advisor with the Plymouth team! She is now giving back that same support to participants that she received herself. Here’s her story.

“I came on to the JETS scheme after a very difficult time at previous job which resulted in me having to leave as I was going to be made redundant. My first experience with JETS was extremely positive; the Assistant Employment Advisor was enthusiastic and helpful and got me very excited about the programme.

“I had a huge loss in confidence because this was the second redundancy I had in two years and although I was very willing and wanted a job, I was underconfident. I met Ola Piewcewicz who was my Employment Advisor, and she was absolutely fantastic. She was positive, helpful and went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable and to rebuild my confidence in myself, as well as my applications and job confidence too. She also referred me to the Better Health Generation and they were also brilliant.

“Her weekly phone calls were something I really began to look forward to and she motivated me to apply for lots of different jobs in sectors that I didn’t even think I could do. She also was a listening ear on a couple of occasions.

“During one conversation, she suggested that I look at Seetec Pluss to apply for jobs, which I did. I had interviews for the Employability Trainer and Engagement Coach, both of which I passed but recruitment was put on hold, so I was put in the Talent Pool. When these things happened I was obviously disappointed, but Ola did a fantastic job of being there and again helping to motivate me to not only be the best version of me, but to be confident in applying for other things. Her positivity was infectious!

“She also referred me to several sessions with Andrew Holland on CV writing and confidence. These sessions marked a big shift in both my CV but also in the way I viewed myself in the process. Andrew was really encouraging and helped me see the good in myself as well as being a consummate professional in the way he helped me.

“I wanted to say this, so that people are aware of how much Seetec Pluss and the JETS scheme make an impact and how truly excellent the staff are. I honestly think if it was not for Andrew and Ola’s help as well as other colleagues of theirs who helped me with mock interviews, I would not have even considered working in this sector. I am so excited to start my journey here as well so that I can help other people who are in the position I was in the beginning of June.”

The Work and Health JETS scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock image used.

Area: Plymouth, Devon

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