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Cristophor’s Story

Cristophor was inducted onto the JETS programme at the end of November 2020. He had been unemployed since being made redundant due to the pandemic in March 2020. He was highly motivated to find work but had simply been unable to secure employment due to the barriers of COVID 19.

Building Opportunities

From the outset, Cristophor had an ideal profession in mind, but this would take time and his Employment Advisor, Vikki, discussed with him that having an income whilst searching for an ideal job was a great way to keep him motivated and improve self-esteem.

Cristophor had many transferable skills and they agreed that creating an alternative CV that focussed more on these skills and the experience he had gained whilst studying for his ideal job would be a great way of finding employment quickly.

No Ambition Too Small

He embraced all of the feedback, took action and responded well to all communication. With the support of the employment engagement team, Cristophor secured an interview and subsequently was offered a job!

His Employment Advisor continued to send through other vacancies that matched his skills and as such he was then offered another job that was a better hourly rate, so transferred to this job.

Since then, Cristophor has informed us that he has now been offered the perfect role for him as a Technical Design Engineer!

A Word from Cristophor

“After being unemployed for several months, I had the opportunity to take part in the Seetec Pluss JETS programme. I have worked with Vikki from Seetec Pluss as my Employment Advisor and I am pleased to say that the programme was successful as I am now employed full time.

“During the programme I received useful advice and feedback which helped with securing my role. I am grateful for all the help provided by Vikki. I can confidently say that if people receive the same help as I did, this programme will result in employment and new jobs for most participants.”


The Work and Health JETS Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock Image used.

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