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Rebuilding her confidence

Esther was referred to the Work and Health Programme in December 2020, after being made redundant from her job prior to COVID-19. This had a negative impact to her overall confidence.

“At first when I was applying and filling out application forms, I felt a little rusty, but with some nudges here and there I soon gained confidence in applying. I also had help with re-reading my applications and suggestions where needed. This helped to make me feel more polished. Tips on making applications quicker and easier really helped me with the application processes.

Streamlining the process

“Saving everything digitally in one place and copying and pasting what you need from it for each online application form can make a real difference in time saving when you are applying for more than one job at a time. This may seem obvious to some, but for me I am glad this was pointed out to me early on, rather than me working it out for myself later and X amount of application forms and stress down the line.

“Constant communication has been key to my success. My Work Coach, Stuart, would call early on in the week and regularly give me a weekly direction that gave me a guide to each day and feeling like I had accomplished goals even when I felt frustrated. Stuart has encouraged me by giving me support and telling me not to give up. Especially after a horrendous first interview for a role that I would not normally apply for. But soon after, I was back applying for jobs with a new frame of mind and knowledge of what to expect.

Skills to last a lifetime

“Stuart has pushed me in a positive way to apply for roles that I would not normally apply for, sometimes these roles were way out of my comfort zone. I feel that each job I have applied for I gained more confidence each time, even if I did not get a reply. With continued support from my Work Coach, I feel that I have acquired interview techniques that will last me a lifetime and subsequently has given me a role that gives me stability and opportunity for growth.

“My work coach has given me the confidence and reassurance that I can do these roles and has pushed me out of my safe place. Being on the Work and Health programme has ultimately helped me, by successfully finding a role, preparing for the interviews, giving me confidence and with it a job offer at the end.

“My new role is going to be my career for the foreseeable future, and I am more than happy about that. If I did not have this guidance and support from everyone at the Seetec Pluss team, I would not have applied for that type of job myself and would have missed out, but I’m glad I did.”

The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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