Colin had been unemployed for almost 2 decades when he came to the Restart Scheme. He had been through many work programmes previously and had lost hope of ever finding work to suit him.

Colin has Type 2 Diabetes, IBS, ADHD, problems with his back and knees and is partially blind and deaf. He also didn’t have his own bank account due to being deemed to not have the mental capacity. Because of all of this, Colin didn’t feel he could ever achieve independence or improve his quality of life.

Over the course of the programme, Colin’s Employment Advisor and Engagement Coach provided 1:1 quality support on a regular basis, helping him improve his CV and change his cognitions surrounding his disabilities.

Employment Advisor, Lucy: “We helped Colin regain his confidence by discussing what he could do and what his skills are instead of focussing on what he can’t do”.

Lucy and the Engagement Coach ran frequent job clubs where Colin applied for suitable roles he hadn’t previously considered. Employability Trainer, Darren, called Colin before his interview to provide support and Lucy supported at other interviews that Colin attended.

Colin is now in work, cleaning for a company near where he lives and is happy to have found employment that works around his disabilities! He is even opening his own bank account and starting his journey to independence. Colin has achieved things he never thought he could.

The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Wiltshire

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