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Photo of Jessica

Jessica, 56, from Plymouth has just successfully found work within two days of being on our new JETS programme.

“I had not been unemployed long but when my previous employment ended suddenly I felt quite bruised – I lost confidence, as if the wind had been taken out of my sails”, explains Jessica.

“I began claiming Universal Credit and received an email introducing me to JETS, asking if I needed help looking for work. My initial reaction was no,  I don’t need help, but then I thought if I don’t try it I won’t know – so I gave it a go!’.

“Seetec Pluss’ response was very quick. When I agreed to go on programme, Amber rang me the same day and introduced herself.

They genuinely listened…

“She was so very pleasant, really nice and genuinely listened to what I wanted to do. She explained the services and said she was there to help. It really felt that someone was there for me.

“That same day on the Wednesday, Amber rang me back. She said she had spoken with an agency who had a couple of jobs and we arranged an interview. I did the interview and online tests on the Thursday and on the Friday, I was offered the job!!

“I felt great when I was offered the job. Getting back into work happened so quickly – I just wasn’t expecting that in these strange times”.

Huge congratulations to you, Jessica. So well deserved and an amazing result!


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