Ian is 42 years old and prior to coming onto the Restart Scheme, had only done a few odd jobs with very little regular employment. He has had some caring responsibilities for his parents, but had no qualifications and was long-term unemployed.

Ian lacked confidence in himself and had very low self-esteem. He struggled with speaking in group situations and around new people. He also lives in a rural area with limited public transport and does not drive. Furthermore, he disclosed some personal family issues which have made things difficult for him.

Once Motiv8-SW started working with Ian, he completed a ‘Jump Start’ course, which ran for two days per week for 4 weeks. This is a motivating employment focused course, covering communication and building confidence within a group, goal setting, action planning and much more.

Starting to shine

He attended an employer and community event and the team were able to speak to employers with him to support his confidence. In between these days he attended a ‘crackers and cones’ workshop which was about communicating whilst completing an enjoyable activity, following instructions and assisting others. This is when Ian started to shine.

Over the Christmas period, they were able to refer him to a food bank and he enjoyed the office Christmas dinner, along with other participants. He also completed a wreath making and table decoration session, which all helped to improve his self-esteem, confidence and communication with others. These events also encouraged discussion of possible anxiety and depression during the Christmas period.

Building skills for work

Ian secured a week of work at Crealy following the employer event. We were able to support him with travel and clothes, but unfortunately, Crealy then closed for the winter, but they invited him to return when they re-opened.

Motiv-8 supported him to apply for a provisional driving licence and look into the Wheels for Work Scheme. He is extremely helpful in the centre and has now achieved a Level 2 Emergency First Aid qualification, something he would never have attained before.

We are now pleased to say that Ian is back working in Crealy!

Goals for the future

Speaking about his experience, Ian said: “I was a bit shy at the beginning, but now, I’m able to sit around others and listen to what they say. I’ve found that I can answer questions and ask them and I’ll now talk to strangers on the phone.

“I read more and I have built on my self-esteem from meeting other people and talking with them, helping out others and making new friends.”

Ian’s goals moving forward are to continue to upskill as much as possible, attending training and events in our centre. #NoOneLeftBehind

In partnership with Motiv-8 SW. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Area: Exeter, Devon

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