Jamil is originally from Eritrea in Africa and has lived in the UK for 10 years now. However, for the last one to two years, he had been homeless and sleeping on the streets.

Jamil was referred to the Restart Scheme by Temple Street Jobcentre. When the team in Bristol found out about his living situation, they supplied him with a tent as a temporary comfort measure and eventually, they provided accommodation at the Double Tree Hilton hotel over a weekend. The team then followed this up and arranged temporary accommodation through the St Mungo’s homeless charity for Jamil, right up until he was given a permanent place of residence through the Bristol City Council.

Whilst the team were supporting Jamil with his housing, their Employer Account Manager, Brian, worked with Jamil to find work with an employer who would be understanding of Jamil’s background and circumstances. Brian contacted Urban Cleaning who came to the Restart Scheme office to interview Jamil.

He was offered a part-time job and now that he is back to work and finally off the streets, Jamil can start re-building his life with a sense of purpose and structure! His next step is to get enrolled on an SIA course so he can look into work as a security guard.

This is a fantastic example of a real team effort from the Restart Scheme team in Bristol; going above and beyond to change Jamil’s life for the better!


“Ever since enrolling onto the Restart Scheme, Seetec Pluss have been very helpful to me. When I came in and I mentioned I was homeless, they provided me with a tent and this was then followed up by a 3-day stay in a hotel, all paid for by Seetec Pluss.

“Harri and Theo then spoke with Bristol City Council to get me some accommodation sorted.

“I previously had anxiety and depression, but with all the help Seetec Pluss have provided for me, I feel this is slowly improving as I have some structure in my life again. I am currently working part time and studying for an SIA badge.

“I am very grateful for all Seetec Pluss have done for me.”


The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Bristol. [Pictured: Jamil, his employer and the team that supported him in Bristol.]

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