John was referred to the Restart Scheme by his Work Coach at Taunton JCP for support back into work. Abbie, his Personal Employment Adviser at CMT, first met John in August when a big gap in John’s digital skills and IT confidence was identified.

She arranged for CMT’s Employability Trainer, Dawn to work with John on 1:1 digital training to build up his IT skills and self-belief. John has shown great resilience and commitment by attending all his appointments at CMT and has achieved some great personal goals that he can be proud of.

In less than a month working with Abbie and Dawn, the change in John is remarkable. When he came in and first signed into his Gmail account on his own, he surprised himself at what he had remembered.

He opened up, sent and replied to emails with ease, even attaching and recalling documents. He was able to change documents using the formatting tools then save appropriately to different folders, no mean task for someone without a lot of experience.

John’s comment to Dawn, his employability trainer, “You can’t see me smiling behind my mask but I am. I never thought I could do this”.

Dawn commented, “Developing people like John is at the heart of what we do best here at CMT. John is a real success!”

With this boost to John’s confidence, he has now signed up for a CSCS course later this month and is now able to independently apply for work in Construction outside of the support he is continuing to receive through Restart.

In partnership with CMT. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Area: Somerset

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