The support she didn’t know she needed

“I had never used a service to help me find work before, so I have to admit when I first joined the JETS programme, I was very sceptical. I genuinely believed that I knew everything about cover letters and CV’s so how could I possibly need their help?

“Once I did a couple of the online meetings, I realised that tweaking aspects of my CV and being given the tools for writing a good cover letter gave me a huge advantage when applying for jobs. I was kept on track with regular phone conversations to keep me motivated. I originally felt very disheartened when I was first made redundant as I knew it was going to be hard working in the beauty industry and also finding another job that fitted in well around my daughters.

Anxious about change

“When you’re unemployed it can be a very hard place to be, not only financially but also emotionally. I remember feeling a huge pressure that I needed to get a job but at the very same time anxious about change. Having to be accountable definitely made me apply for jobs and attend the online meetings offered in order to prepare me for interviews, which in turn gave me confidence after several failed job applications previously.

“Seetec Pluss really helped, not only to boost my confidence but they made me aware that there was lots of other help available so I wasn’t limited on what job I could apply for. I would rate their service a 10/10.

Back on the employment ladder

“I am currently working as a cleaner in a school. Granted, this isn’t the line of work I studied for, but I honestly believe it has been a great transition back into working life. I work within school hours so never have to worry about childcare and I have the school holidays off. The beauty industry is very precarious at the moment due to COVID 19, so I am very grateful that Seetec Pluss were able to notify me of this position and basically ‘fast track’ me through for an interview.

“I would 100% recommend the JETS programme. I don’t think there’s any harm in a little help and pointers in the right direction as well as emotional support. My mind was well and truly changed during the course of the programme and whether it is your first job or 10th job you’re looking for the programme will be tailored to your needs.”

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The Work and Health JETS Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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