When Karen first came onto the Restart Scheme, she was homeless and facing a lot of challenges with her mental health. She felt defensive and angry with the world, but the team have seen the most amazing transformation unfold in front of their eyes!

Karen fully recognised that she had little intention or motivation to find employment, so much so that there was some initial conflict with participating in the Restart Scheme. Upon meeting with her Employment Advisor, Mel, Karen just needed some patience, guidance and understanding. This motivated her and resulted in an action plan being put in place which Karen worked hard to achieve and furthermore led to her being offered a permanent position as a Head Chef in a kitchen!

Karen’s whole persona has changed since starting work. Her outlook on life is brighter, she feels proud of herself and really valued by her employers. She is looking forward to the future, especially Christmas, with a positive outlook. She is oozing with confidence and really happy with her life.

“Seetec Pluss have spent the time to get to know my needs. To be listened to and heard makes a massive difference to me.”

The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Ipswich, Suffolk

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