“The money I’m earning now allows me to spend more on my son; it’s helping everyone really.”

Kiefer was working as a security guard up until 2018, when his SIA licence expired, and he made the decision to look after his newborn son full-time as a single parent.

After 3 years of being unemployed, Kiefer was ready to get back into work when his son was old enough to start school, so he was referred to the JETS scheme by his Jobcentre. He was on programme for no longer than a week when he secured a job working for a chilled foods warehouse! Kiefer is proud to be working again and providing for his young son.

“During the 3 years that I was unemployed, I’ll admit that it was a struggle. I was living with my parents and looking after my son as a single parent with Universal Credit as my only source of income.

“As soon as my son was old enough to start school, I was looking for work because I knew I had to, and by September, I’d have more time in the day to go to work.

“I was referred to JETS where I met my Employment Advisor, Lisa. She was really helpful and suggested multiple jobs to me based on my skills and requirements. I was only on JETS for a week when I got an interview for one of the jobs Lisa referred me to, and it just seemed perfect for me.

“Being on JETS definitely fast-tracked me into this job; Lisa sourced the interview and was just a huge help throughout. Having not worked for 3 years previously, I was so excited to be back in work again. It’s a really physical job and I did struggle to start with, (mainly with things like back ache!) but I’m used to it now.

“This job is perfect for me to be set for life. The money I’m earning allows me to spend more on my son and give more rent to my parents; it’s just helping everyone really.

“I’d recommend JETS to anyone who is looking for work. I thought that I would struggle to find work because of my lack of experience, but they really do help with that. My advice would be to not back out of this kind of help thinking that it’s something bad, I was on JETS for one week and now I’m back in work!”

The Work and Health JETS Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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