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Lauren was diagnosed with Agoraphobia 5 years ago and has hardly left the house since then, unless with a family member. She suffers from low confidence and anxiety and initially seemed quite lost in life.

She was referred to Maximus UK on the Work and Health programme and over the months that she has been with Maximus, she has carried out small training modules such as the Beating the Blues programme, and has been very open about herself and how she feels. Her Employment Coach, Nicola said, “We spoke about setting small achievable targets for Lauren to increase her confidence and independence, such as going for small walks on her own or going to the shop for an item in quieter times.”

She has engaged very well with her coach and has now secured a voluntary role at a charity shop. She applied for this herself, attended an informal interview and started by going there for an hour per week, then 2 hours and over the last month she has now increased this to 4 hours, 1 day a week. This is amazing progress and is certainly a step in the right direction to feel comfortable, confident, and ready to secure paid employment in the future. Her next goal is to be out on the shop floor to hopefully engage with customers. Work experience like this is key to a pathway to success!

Lauren’s quote about the programme:

“I’ve felt the programme has gone really well and I really appreciate the help and support Nicola has been giving me; she’s been amazing. I’ve enjoyed talking to her every time she’s phoned me.”

In partnership with Maximus UK. The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock image used.

Area: Sussex

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