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Keen to secure the right job

Mariama joined the Work and Health programme in April 2021. She had lost her job as a cleaner, due to Covid-19.

Mariama is a single parent and was struggling to secure part-time work, despite having some really good experience in the retail sector. She has excellent Customer Service skills, is very friendly and approachable.

At her induction, her Employment Coach identified that Mariama was keen to secure work, but the work would need to be appropriate to her health issues and coincide with her children’s school hours.

Mariama was supported to ensure she has her correct right to work documentation and was referred to the NCS to assist with updates to her CV. Mariama attended regular telephone appointments with her EC and made good use of the facilities provided on the Work and Health Programme. Her EC advised that we would liaise with our Employment Services Team to enquire of any suitable vacancies.

Preparation is key

Over the following weeks, Mariama benefitted from 1:1 discussion based around interview techniques and committed to keep a record of the jobs she applied for on a weekly basis. This would ensure that Mariama and her EC could carry out employer engagement, which would increase the chances of her securing work.

In May, our Employment Services colleague Pippa, advised of a part-time vacancy that would be suitable to Mariama with a fast food restaurant. We discussed the opportunity with Mariama and confirmed the hours would be suitable to her children’s schooling. We also confirmed that the job was within walking distance, which was ideal as Mariama’s car has recently been off the road.

Delighted at the wonderful news

Mariama was excited at the prospect and keen to apply for the role. Employment Services secured the interview with the employer and contacted Mariama to confirm her interview. She was delighted! We focused on interview preparations and ensured that she had appropriate interview attire. We also discussed refresher interview skills and made sure Mariama had researched the company, ready for interview.

We were delighted to hear that the employer contacted our colleague Pippa in the Employment Services Team and offered Mariama the position of Team Member!


“I joined the Work and Health programme in April this year. I am a single parent and I was really struggling to find a part time job since losing my previous job due to the pandemic.

“I had 1:1 sessions with my coach teaching me about different interview techniques. After many weeks of applying for different jobs, I secured an interview and I was so excited. Right away, I started to research about the company to widen my knowledge. My coach then rang me in the morning of the interview discussing interview skills. A few days after the interview I was informed that I secured a place on the team. I was so pleased because of all of the hard work I put in.

“I’m so thankful for my coach Becky who helped me get to when I am now, she was very friendly, she listened to everything and helped in every way possible.”

The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock image used.

Area: Somerset

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