Cliff Beaumont- Employment Trainer for the Restart Scheme in Plymouth.

  • Tell us about your role and what you love about it?

“My job is to deliver employability training to our participants. The vast majority of the people I deliver too feel that they are lost in the foggy world of job search. I know that all I have to do is hold up a lantern to show them the way and guide them to a better future. Once they understand what is required, they gain confidence and belief in themselves. Even if I can play a small part in their journey then I feel it has been worthwhile.”

  • What was your first or most interesting job?

“The most interesting job I have had was Regional Learning Organiser for Unite the Union, covering a large area of the South West. I was responsible for going into big companies with a large membership and organising training teams to deliver free personal development courses provided by the Union. One day I would be visiting the vast clay pits of IMERYS in Cornwall and the next I could be in Barclays Bank HQ in Bournemouth.”

  • Favourite thing to do after work?

“I have been a Historical Re-enactor for the past 30 years. This is portraying people from history for the entertainment and education of the public. The people I portray are from Medieval period, Sir Thomas Beaufort The Duke of Exeter from The Court of Henry V and Duke of Somerset from The Wars of Roses period. I am also a Sergeant in the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry, taking part in the Peninsula War against Napoleon under the command of Sir Arthur Welsley the Duke of Wellington.”

  • What advice would you give to someone who is looking for work at the moment?

“Believe in yourself and be confident that you have many skills of quality that you can bring to the table. Employers are not looking to trip you up, they are looking for the best fit. Show them that you are the best fit.”

  • Favourite food, film and place?

“Food: Italian, Film: Aliens the Directors Cut, Place: Venice.”

  • Describe something interesting about yourself

“When I took my degree, we were the first group to study South Africa from Cecil Rhodes to the end of Apartheid. Because of this, at my graduation my degree was handed to me by the University’s special guest Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. He was an incredibly unassuming, quietly spoken gentleman whom I greatly admire.”

  • Something that you’re proud of this month

“Trainers are a little thin on the ground just at the moment. So last Friday I jumped on a train and went down to our St Austell office to deliver CV Building and Interview Technique workshops to our participants based down there. I received a wonderful welcome from the St Austell team and the whole day left me on a high all weekend.”


The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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