Drew Smith- Operations Director for Restart Scheme prime delivery in the South West.

  • Tell us about your role and what you love about it?

“My role is to essentially support the Operational Team, listen and hear their requirements on how we can make the best of the Restart Scheme in the South West. Over the years, I have learnt that we must listen to those who support our participants as they know and understand what needs to be done! For me, it’s about being Best in Class when it comes to customer service, performance and changing the lives of the individuals we support. That’s what motivates me and is why I am here. People make this industry what it is and so far, I’ve met some incredible individuals in the Seetec Pluss family.”

  • What was your first or most interesting job?

“My very first job was whilst I was at college, and it was in a late night Chinese Takeaway. Two things always spring to mind as memorable whist there, the interesting people who came in, in all states! And, sometimes small acts of kindness from those who would come in and clearly need some food but no means to pay. The owner of the takeaway always said to me, ‘give a little to those less fortunate and it helps everything else around us, work!’”

  • Favourite thing to do after work?

“I love to read and have always found that is my best way to wind down after a day at work. However, we have a two-year-old daughter, so there’s not much time for rest! Like most working parents, its collect from nursery, maybe some Ikea kitchen playtime, dinner, bath, supper, story and bed. And that’s just for me!”

  • What advice would you give to someone who is looking for work at the moment?

“Don’t give up! There are seemingly lots of roles out there, but we still hear of individuals who are finding it difficult to find work. Also, don’t discard certain roles, just because you don’t think you will like it. I recall my transition from recruitment to this sector. I told the recruitment agent that I didn’t want to be in recruitment and will never forget her saying ‘But Drew, it’s like recruitment, but with a conscience.’ That has always stuck with me and that one little phrase is the reason I ended up in the sector, in a job that I enjoy.”

  • Favourite food, film and place?

“If there’s food on the table, I’m not precious, I love it all equally! I am a sucker for a musical and cannot lie when I say that ‘Annie’ is my all-time favourite film. Sorry, not sorry! And Barbados is my No 1 place so far. Its where my partner and I went on our first holiday together; he surprised me after three months together and it was a phenomenal trip. Problem is, I don’t think I can ever go back as it will never be the same….”

  • Describe something interesting about yourself.

“Once, when working at Lords Cricket Club, I was about to serve Stephen Fry a coffee at the end of the meal. I slipped, the coffee ended up all over his companion and I went face first right into his lap. I’ve never been so embarrassed, but fortunately, he thought it was hilarious!”

  • Something that you’re proud of this month.

“Meeting so many lovely people. I’ve been proud to talk about Seetec Pluss when friends ask me how the new job is going. I can honestly say that its been a fantastic experience thus far. Long may that feeling continue.”


The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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