Nicola is being supported by our Restart Scheme delivery partner, Go Train UK, in Wiltshire and their support is really helping her to flourish on her journey back into work!

“I would recommend the Restart Scheme to anybody. I can understand just how easy it is for people to have the attitude of ‘I don’t want to do this’, especially when being told that you’re having to go on a return-to-work scheme. I can promise that once you’re here and meeting the people, it’s completely different.

“My journey with Go Train has so far been such a positive experience, I’ve achieved things that I didn’t have the self-belief to think I would be doing! I’ve gained employment related qualifications, learned lots of new things such as IT skills, interview techniques, but most importantly, I’ve learned so much about myself.

“I get great support from my Employment Advisor, Keith and my Tutor, Lindsay; they both have hearts of gold and nothing is too much trouble. Importantly, I always feel like I can ask questions and that I’m constantly supported.

“Something the programme does really well is turn negatives into positives. There have been occasions when I have been pushed past my comfort zone and I have quickly come to trust Keith and Lindsay with that pushing, as each time I have managed to find a new comfort on the other side. Where I have been afraid before, I am no longer afraid.

“After attending the employability course, I was offered my first ever job interview and I was understandably terrified. I used what I had learnt during the course and quickly settled into the interview, and although unsuccessful, I received such positive feedback that the experience has given me a whole new breath of confidence ready to find another! I now realise how much credit I have been depriving myself of.

“I enjoyed the course so much, (not to mention the friends I have made who now stay in regular contact and we motivate eachother) and I felt such a reward in my increased confidence that I fully believe I am ready to take on any challenge, including allowing a photo of myself to be taken!”

We wish Nicola all the best and good luck for her future! #NoOneLeftBehind

In partnership with Go Train UK. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Area: Wiltshire

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