Here’s Phillip’s account of his time on the Restart Scheme, where he was successfully supported into work by Kim Tucker in Exeter. He’s now excited for this new chapter and for what the future holds!

“Having suddenly lost my job after a lifetime of work as a result of the pandemic, I was at a loss. Jobs were very difficult to find in the current climate and despite applying to many agencies, I was having no luck.

“I was referred to Seetec Pluss and I found them extremely helpful. My Employment Advisor, Kim, and her colleague, Cory, gave me invaluable support and advice and put my details forward to various agencies and organisations for a number of posts, including some I would not have had access to otherwise.

“They especially focused on work that suited my strengths and experience in the education sector and followed up on my progress regularly. I am pleased to say that, thanks to Kim and Cory, I have found a position in a nearby school and am so grateful to Kim for her invaluable help and professionalism, as well as the way she went above and beyond what was necessary to support my wellbeing in the process. This experience has really stood out for me and made such a difference for my future.”

Congratulations, Phillip! #NoOneLeftBehind #IGotTheJob

The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Area: Devon

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