“Hi, my name Rebecca and I started the JETS programme on the 8th of January. “My first thoughts were ‘is it going to be worth it? What do I actually have to do?’ little things like that.

“I was introduced to a lovely lady named Linda and she seemed really happy to support me finding a job.

“Linda explained to me what was going to happen and how she was going to help me; I was so happy and grateful that someone had invested their time and effort in me. I was already searching for a job, however it seemed rather challenging when I was applying for jobs and filling out forms on my mobile phone. Linda told me it’s not ideal to be applying for job on my device, as some sites wouldn’t let me fill out the forms on a mobile.

“By not having the correct technology, it was stopping me from applying for certain jobs, so Linda wanted to change that immediately. We discussed that it would be a good idea to get either a tablet or laptop.

“Linda kindly pitched the idea to one of her managers for me to have the funding for a laptop and he agreed with her. Within a week I received a brand-new laptop, which meant I could finally apply for any job I wanted without having the worries of not being able to apply for it.

“So, I then applied for a customer service role working for a furniture company; it was a long shot but with the amazing support I had from Linda, I applied for it. I then had an email the next day asking me to complete the assessments, so I instantly went through to the next stage. I completed the assessment and handed them back straight away. The next day, I had another email offering me an interview over a video call (luckily, I had my laptop to complete all this with).

“I got the job which I was over the moon about, all my hard work had paid off! The first person I called was Linda, as I wanted to tell her and thank her for helping me and all the support that she had given me.

“Linda had mentioned a training website called Digital College, which allows you to take online courses in whatever subject you are interested in. I signed up for the customer service course as that’s what I’m interested in. I took the exam and passed with 95% and I received a certificate!

“I then went back and told Linda and as always, she was over the moon with the results. She asked if I was interested in any of the others and I told her I would like to do the call centre course as I was going into that field of work. I passed that course with 100% and received another certificate!

“I have come so far in this JETS journey; I stared with barely anything, no skills, no technology and not much support. That all changed when I started the JETS programme. I got funded with a laptop to help me apply for lots of jobs, I had (still have) the best support ever and most of all I have found a job which I’m super excited about and to see where the future will take me.

“Thank you JETS I will be forever grateful!”

The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Cornwall

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