1:1 support

“In March 2020, I was made redundant due to the pandemic. I was referred to the JETS programme as I was having problems negotiating my way around the digital world of applying for work and needed more 1:1 support to apply for work and some guidance on how to open up a vacancy.

“Seetec helped me by providing me with a PC, pointing me in the right direction to find jobs, supporting me to apply for vacancies and to open up new opportunities that I would otherwise not have had access to.

Approaching a new employment route

“My main barrier was COVID and my lack of digital skills. I have been self-employed most of my life so this was all new to me. Support and training were provided by my Employment Advisor Maria, who kept me motivated on a weekly basis.

“I was put forward for a position with an employer who was hiring directly through Seetec, and I successfully gained the position. I started my new job a week later. Financially this has put me in a much better position, but it has also improved my mental wellbeing, by giving me back a routine and some purpose.

Moving forward

“I am looking forward to advancing my skills within this role, and also taking part in further training courses in colleges. Having new skills will ensure that I continue to move forward in life. I am particularly looking forward to completing my level 3 electrical installations. Thank you Seetec, and Maria for your support.”

The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Wiltshire

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