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Chasing her dream

Romana joined the Work and Health Programme in November 2020 with our partners, Maximus, for support with gaining employment. She had only been out of work for a few months after losing her role due to COVID 19.

Romana has been a joy to work with since joining the Work and Health programme and has been thoroughly engaged during her short time with Maximus. She is aspiring to become a radio presenter (with her DREAM ROLE being a radio presenter for Kiss FM ) and so far has landed herself two voluntary positions with local radio stations within Brighton.

Romana is extremely keen and willing to gain as much experience as possible to support herself in achieving her goals and within the last week has also gained a further voluntary role as a content creator. She does have a degree in Performing Arts, however is still very pro -active in upskilling herself and to gain further qualifications to enable her to become a presenter.

Taking the necessary steps

Romana recently accepted a paid role as a Customer Service Assistant at a supermarket to increase her finances so that she can fund future courses. She has also been contacted by Disrupted Talent Agency as they would like to have her on their books, to support her further in gaining paid roles within radio production and presenting.

Maximus has supported Romana with this, by providing funds towards creating her portfolio with Disrupted Talent Agency. At each appointment, Romana always surprises her Employment Coach with something new that she is working on or applied for. She is a very positive and proactive young lady, who will definitely go far.

Cheering her on

“I have really enjoyed my time with Maximus, my mentor Emily has been so positive, caring and motivating. It’s been so nice to have sessions with Emily as she goes out her way to think of routes and plans to get me my dream goals.

“I needed a part-time job for income, but my real passion is radio. Emily has been so good at helping me with both these things and left me feeling like I can achieve these goals. After the calls, I leave feeling really motivated which has helped me with getting a job. Maximus has supported me financially with helping to pay for interview clothing and travel, and they also partially funded a professional photoshoot.

Opening doors

“This meant a lot to me as the pictures will be used for my presenting portfolio and will open further doors for me. I have felt more confident with the help of Maximus and have been able to find a job where I can balance my time at radio and working to earn money. Where I have ADHD and Dyslexia, I can often find life very overwhelming but having a mentor is really beneficial and means I can filter out some of that worry and confusion and gives me a clear head to crack on with tasks.

“It’s really nice to have sessions with Emily as she really believes in me and it boosts my self-esteem and leaves me feeling excited. When I was out of work, I felt anxious about my future, so I give thanks to Maximus for guiding me back to my rightful pathway.”

In partnership with Maximus. The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Brighton, East Sussex

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