Rory was referred to the Work and Health Programme with our team in Plymouth in March 2022. He was apprehensive about starting the programme but wanted to make some quick progress.

He made good use of the Digital College, completing 9 courses, and he received support from our trainers in several workshops and supported group actions. He could feel his confidence improving and was enthusiastic about moving forward.

He met his new Employment Adviser, Kerry in August 2022 and they worked together on wellbeing workshops and confidence courses. In December, Rory felt ready to put himself out there to employers, so they did some face to face CV drops and employer engagement around the local area. He had a successful visit to the local garden centre and received great news of an offer of employment!

We enabled Rory to adjust to life in employment and his confidence grew enormously. In January 2023, he came into the office for some additional support in informing Universal Credit of a change of circumstances. He started to feel stressed that he would be on his own at his job for the first time, but after being reassured by Kerry that we would continue to be there for him whilst he settles into work, he felt much better.

Rory has continued to do significantly well in his role and even received a promotion to Supervisor in February! He is now being supported through our Workfit programme to ensure that he is happy in work and stays in sustainable employment.

Rory said, “Seetec Pluss is such a good company and well worth joining, they have offered me more opportunities in life and I now have so much more belief in myself.” #NoOneLeftBehind

The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund, for participants who started the programme on or after 1st November 2022.

Area: Devon

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