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Determined to achieve

Rosie is 20 years old and started her first paid job in April 2019 working as a pharmacy assistant. She was responsible for dispensing prescriptions and other medication to patients under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Rosie had also been the main carer in the family to her mother since 2013. Unfortunately, the job did not work out and in April 2020 Rosie found herself unemployed.

Rosie was referred to the Work & Health Programme in November 2020. She wanted to find work that would take her health condition into account, which often got her down, but also wanted to do something completely different. Rosie had administration roles in mind and without any previous experience, she was willing to join the programme, up-skill and get ready for her new employment journey.

Confidence boost

When Rosie joined the programme, she already had a CV. The first port of call was to work with her Employment Coach, Ana, to review and update it, then get it out there on job boards. Rosie was still feeling quite low, so Ana suggested the SSU Grit & Resilience course as a confidence boost, which she agreed to attend. She really enjoyed it and completed the course work. It was water off a duck’s back for her! Rosie’s mood was already starting to pick up. She also did some online courses on Microsoft Excel to improve her technical/ IT skills.

Rosie’s initial barrier into work was a health condition that she was able to successfully treat with her GP. Rosie passed her exams at college and gained a good set of qualifications. She just needed a little guidance on how to upskill for her perfect admin role. It was only a matter of time before she would find her dream job.

A hit with employers

By February this year, Rosie was feeling very determined. She applied for a role as a video game tester on a whim, for a start-up tech company. The role was only temporary remote working and for 6 months only, but Rosie felt that this would be a good start. There were 800 applicants!

Amazingly, Rosie was shortlisted for interview, (via zoom). She impressed them so much that they offered her a job. Not only was the job hers, but they upgraded her job offer to admin assistant instead. She had made her breakthrough and Rosie started in March!

Rosie arranged her first in-work support call in March. In the meantime, Ana sourced her a new laptop, so that she could continue with her on-the-job training via Zoom. Rosie was so excited when she got to speak to her coach as the company were so impressed with her that that they offered her a role in the company as HR Manager with permanent contract and all the training to go with it!

The future is bright

There is no stopping Rosie, she is feeling optimistic about what the future holds…. CEO maybe!

“The Work and Health programme really helped me get back on my feet. My Work Coach gave me the resources and motivation to help me and I would be lost without Ana’s help.”

In partnership with Activate Learning. The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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