Adam is a Work Coach, working on the Restart Scheme with our partners at Motiv-8. Here’s his account of his time with his participant.

“When we first met this participant, he walked with a hunch, his head down, and looked at me through his eyebrows and said, ‘Please don’t waste your time on me’.

“We both sat down, and I explained to him, ‘You are not a waste of my time, and if we accomplish one thing that positively impact’s your life, that will be a win for me.’ He then raised his head and smiled, and we started our discovery meeting to identify the barriers he faces.

“During the discovery session it came to light that this participant had been through some massive personal issues, including a heart attack and a divorce which had also left him with a large sum of debt left to pay back to the bank. All this accumulated to him being unemployed, and he felt like he had no self-worth in his mind at this time, so applying for work was not on his mind.

“The challenge was to build confidence back in his own ability, and help the participant prepare for his pension maturing next year, his benefits stopping, and his bank wanting larger re payments due to the monthly pension that he will receive. He experienced a lot of anxiety in meeting new people, as throughout his life, people had come into his life and then left, which is a huge barrier for anyone to overcome.

What we did

“It was quite clear we needed to rebuild the participant’s confidence from the ground up, so we started identifying his transferable skills in 1:1 training sessions and giving his CV a strongly needed make over! The main purpose of this task was not really to update the CV, but to show the participant he had been successful, he was of value, and he had lots to contribute to a new employer.

“We also identified that the participant wanted to feel more confident with his IT Skills, as this is something he never really developed in his career. At this point, we signposted him to our partner Cosmic for specialist IT training, focusing on letting him control his life again but gaining confidence in managing his bills online, calendar management using his mobile phone and the use of job boards.

“We also signposted the participant to get 1:1 counselling with our partners at Pluss to give him the tools to handle his anxiety and help unpack the deep emotional traumas the participant had kept to himself all these years, possibly removing the main barrier to him looking to gain sustainable employment.

“In one of our 1:1 sessions, we also wanted to check the participant’s finances as he had one small private pension already and with his second maturing next year. And after doing the better off calculation the participant could see he needed to gain full time employment to provision for his bank repayments fluctuating next year.

The Outcome

“From our work as a large collaborative team re-building the participant’s foundations and confidence, he is now out actively seeking work and interviewing for potential employers to take him on in the logistics sector.

“The participant said ‘I can’t believe how much support I’ve had through this process already; seeking work now will help me save so I can enjoy my retirement more and potentially keep working so I can enjoy it to my fullest without worrying about debt re-payments.’

“The participant now walks with his head held high!”

In partnership with Motiv-8. The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. Stock image used.

Area: Devon

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