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Huge congratulations to Jessica who found work within two weeks on our JETS Work and Health Programme. 

“Thomas is the best work coach out there”, says Jessica. “He was so motivated which helped me to stay positive.

“He really helped me find what sector I would like to work in and each week we would set targets including setting short and long term goals, even to the point of just staying active to help me stay sane.

“During this pandemic, it has been so hard on my mental state and hard to find work. But Thomas was a great ear to listen to and really took in my situation to find the best solution for me.

A job within two weeks

“It was a pleasure talking to him when we had our meetings, yet he was formal and always sent an email to follow up with what we have spoken about and the goals we have set.

“Now, I’ve actually managed to get a job within two weeks of signing up to the programme”.

Well done Jessica. We wish you the very best in your new role.

Work and Health programme JETS is co-financed by the European Social Fund

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