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At a low point

Sharon was referred to the Work and Health Programme in September 2020. Sharon disclosed during her guided self-assessment that she suffered from depression, general anxiety, and PTSD.

She also has moderate back and neck pain and has been going through a difficult divorce. This was causing problems between her and her children.

Sharon started private counselling and physical therapy to help with her physical and emotional problems.

When she first joined the programme, she made it very clear that she wanted to work as soon as possible and her dream was to start her own business helping other women with their DIY and gardening. She demonstrated a real passion about having an ethical business plan and giving back to the community.

Building confidence

Slowly but surely, Sharon worked on her confidence and belief in herself with her Employment Advisor James, who stressed that for her to get back into her dream job, she may need to take a step back and go for a less demanding job because of her personal pressures at home. On a positive note, Sharon regained custody of her son.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Then in November 2020, an opportunity for several candidates arose at a new store in Bournemouth who were having trouble with recruiting new staff.

Sharon had recently said she was desperate to find a job because she was struggling financially and was keen to do anything. James gave her a call and asked if she would attend an interview the next morning, which Sharon instantly agreed to.

Sharon was offered the job and worked 9 hours on her first shift. She informed us that she loved it and is hoping that they will notice her potential to eventually move up into management. James reminded her that Seetec Pluss would pay her petrol to and from work until she received her first lot of wages.

James will be continuing his weekly support calls with Sharon to discuss any issues with juggling work and life balance with the WorkFit team.


The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and European Social Fund. Stock Image used.

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