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Siameena joined the Work and Health Programme in November 2020 looking to secure paid work after carrying out voluntary work in a primary school for some time. Siameena faced a few barriers along her journey, one in which was that Siameena did not have the confidence to build her CV and follow the application process for jobs that she wished to apply for.

Siameena worked closely with her Employment Coach, Kirsty, to get her CV completed, along with a covering letter that she was happy with. This process was ongoing, as during each appointment the time was used to help build Siameena’s belief in herself and get her confidence up to where it should be.

After a number of 1:1 coaching sessions to better understand Siameena’s employment goals, Kirsty, signposted her to the Learning Support Assistant SWAP course through Activate Learning. This was so Siameena could gain extra training in the sector that she wanted to start a career in.

Siameena has raised five children single handily, and so had a huge amount of transferrable skills that she just needed to be made aware of, as she was not ‘just’ a Mother, but a candidate with terrific time managements skills, prioritisation experience, negotiation skills, planning skills etc.

Siameena checked in with Kirsty regularly for updates and to gain some extra support and reassurance when required. She is now drawing to a close with her course, and has enjoyed completing the assignments, although found it intense and challenging at times. Siameena has managed to complete the coursework to a high standard despite facing other challenges at the same time, such as moving house, attending a tribunal and still being a full time mother. Kirsty often refers to Siameena as superwoman!

Kirsty communicated with the Employer Engagement Specialist, Deborah, at Activate Learning to home in on what Siameena wanted to do, so that she could embark on a happy career life. Deborah found a role at Activate Learning and Siameena worked with Kirsty at a face-to-face meeting to complete the application process. To Siameena’s delight, she was invited to be interviewed!

Soon after, Siameena called Kirsty to let her know the amazing news, that she had been offered her first ever job, with Activate Learning! Siameena has made herself, her family and Kirsty so proud. It is so deserved, and it has been a pleasure to work with someone so driven, committed and grateful to the Work and Health Programme.

Siameena said, “Ever since the first phone call I received from Lorna at the Work and Health Programme, and the courses I have taken, it has always been an excellent service and experience, and my coach, Kirsty, has been a lucky charm”.

Kirsty said, “Thank you Siameena for making the role as your coach so rewarding and enjoyable. I wish you every success in your new role and look forward to hearing updates from our In-Work Support Coach.”

Siameena gained a laptop from the Work and Health Programme and is already keen to get enrolled on to another course, but this time focusing on her IT skills, so that she is able to develop herself in that area so that students and Siameena benefit from this upskilling within her new role! A great moto to live by, ‘better never stops’.

In partnership with Activate Learning. The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Oxfordshire

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