There are so many incredible and inspiring people working at Seetec Pluss, helping to change the lives of our people who are looking for work. Our Employability trainers are an integral part of a participant’s journey back to employment and Kareen works in our Uxbridge office, inspiring our participants every day to achieve great things.

  • Tell us about your role and why you love it.

“My role is to motivate and inspire Restart Scheme participants, enabling them to realise their worth and their immense potential to achieve their goals. I create, plan , deliver and evaluate soft skills, employability training, as well as provide one-to-one coaching sessions. I love being a part of the participant’s journey and seeing them grow as well as securing a job; basically changing their lives.”

  • What was your first or most interesting job?

“I worked in Woolworths as a Sales Assistant, (yes, when they had a shop!)”

  • What advice would you give to someone who is looking for work at the moment?

“Never give up, step out of your comfort zone and follow your passion. Lastly, believe in yourself.”

  • Favourite place in the world?

“The Caribbean.”

  • Describe something interesting about yourself.

“When I worked for British Airways, I was looking for a passenger onboard Concorde, The aircraft door closed behind me, and I almost flew to New York!”

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