Tanzeel joined the Maximus JETS scheme in April, after being referred by Aldershot Job Centre, and met his Employment Advisor, Pavel.

“Tanzeel was after a job in quite a niche market,” Pavel said, “but I was confident from the beginning that he would secure the ideal role. He was always engaging, and we developed good relationship. There were ups and downs during his time on the programme, but we tackled each obstacle together and overcame it. I am so happy for him, and I know he will excel at his new role.”

Tanzeel was so pleased with his experience of working with Pavel on the Maximus JETS programme and his journey that he wanted to describe his experience in his own words.

“I am very pleased to have finally secured my graduate job after several months of hard work and struggle before now. This could not have been achieved without the help I have received from Pavel.

“I had been seriously struggling with job applications. Several months after finishing my masters, I had still not secured a single job interview. The pandemic on top of this did not help the job market and me. All these rejections were taking a toll on my mental health and being isolated in lockdowns did not help my case.

“Pavel was amazing to work with, as he regularly checked on my progress and gave great advice throughout my journey. After noticing my weaknesses, he was quick to arrange several training sessions, that included interview preparations, CV and cover letter help, job applications and job market guide, confidence boosting and many other sessions. These sessions were really helpful, and I started to see a change in the job applications feedback. Soon enough I was able to have my first interview, and although unsuccessful I was on the right track.

“It still took several months before I fully secured a job. During these months, I had stopped my training and was focusing on interviews alone. Still, after each rejection I always felt like I’d hit rock bottom and I was very depressed. The entire process of going through these applications was taking a toll on my spirit and I found myself drained and demotivated.

“In this difficult time, again Pavel was there to regularly check on me. He helped me to manage my personal life, encouraging me to go for walks and gym, as well as offering online therapy support. His leadership approach helped me to continue to apply for jobs and prepare for interviews even in my difficult times. After every rejection he was there to help me get up and focus for the next one. This helped my progress, and I felt my confidence growing after every interview. Pavel guided me with various job applications processes, helping me to improve my networking skills, my CV and interview practice.

“In the end, Pavel was very happy with my progress and felt it was only a matter of time before I get my graduate job. And he was right, in next few weeks all my interviews went well. I have now secured a job at one of the biggest global insurers in the world, as a Catastrophe Modelling Analyst. I am simply so relieved for this, excited for the future but most importantly, I truly couldn’t have done this without Pavel’s support and guidance. He has been a great counselling expert, and like a brother to me in this difficult time. I wish him the best too with his future and highly recommend him as employment expert.”

In partnership with Maximus. The Work and Health JETS scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Hampshire

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