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Tony was battling with depression when he was referred to the Work and Health programme. He also has Dyslexia, and this was affecting his confidence, so much so that it was putting him off applying for jobs at the beginning of his time on programme.

His Employment Coach, Chris, supported Tony on a weekly 1:1 basis in a number of areas, such as CV building, interview prep and wellbeing, confidence, and anxiety sessions. These were areas of growth that they identified through conversations and the idea was to home in on exactly what Tony felt were his barriers to sustained employment.

Tony also took part in and successfully completed a BKSB course to help him with his IT skills and was supported by Chris and an in-house trainer to navigate his way through. He completed modules in IT, email and internet basics, and word processing.

The course helped to give him confidence that he could overcome his dyslexia to appeal to potential employers and prosper, which he did!

Tony said, “Working with the Barnstaple team at Seetec Pluss has enabled me to learn new skills; they saw my potential when I had lost all my confidence and self-esteem.

“I am so thankful for the Work and Health programme as I now work in a very supportive team, in a job that I really love at Tex Plastic. I feel I have become a productive member of society and have self-worth again.”

As the economy slowly begins to recover, Tex Plastic have started their recruitment again and have worked closely with Seetec Pluss’ Work and Health programme to ensure a diverse work force and they are renewing their commitment to the Disability Confident scheme.

Kevin from Tex Plastic said, “Working with Seetec Pluss has enabled us to recruit a diverse work force. We are supported to understand the barriers faced and are able to provide a chance for the person to become a productive member of our team.”

The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Devon

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