The need for work

Tony has always been a long-term and dedicated worker. He worked tirelessly in Dementia Care for 8 years, until he left his position after feeling unfairly treated by his employer. After being out of work for over a year, Tony was referred to the JETS programme and supported by his Employment Advisor, Nikki.

“I was in touch with Nikki every fortnight, although when things were progressing with my job search, we talked more frequently. Being on my own in my flat when I wasn’t working was really starting to get to me; it wasn’t just a case of me wanting work, I needed work. I needed to get out and socialise again.

“I had one interview with a company which immediately gave me the impression that I wouldn’t get the job. I discussed it with Nikki as I felt a bit down off the back of that. It did eventually however buck me up because I felt more determined to get back into work and not let that beat me.

A friendly encouragement on the end of the phone

“Nikki wasn’t formal or robotic. Before you knew it, you’d been on the phone to her for an hour! We didn’t just talk about jobs, we’d talk to each other about our lives and what she was getting up to with her family etc. She was friendly, relaxed and really gave me that lift to help me get geared up to want to go back to work.

“If there was anything I wanted to know she’d always help. She’d point out agencies, job sites and come up with new ideas. She’d look at the way that I was coming across as a person and suggest other roles that she thought I’d be more suited to and that I might like. She was always offering alternatives that I could follow on with and think about. Everything I’ve dealt with on JETS has been positive.

‘Now I go out with a smile on my face’

“I’m now in my new job, working in a factory. I was initially nervous about doing long shifts again, as I’m a bit slower than what I used to be! But I’m just happy that I’m working and getting exercise.

“I feel stronger and happier and like my life is going somewhere again. Whereas before, I was always thinking ‘what’s the point?’ about everything. Being able to go out and get talking to people is making me feel positive again.

“Before, I’d look at the floor with my shoulders slumped, but now I go out with a smile on a face. I wasn’t going out walking a lot or exercising, which was making me unfit. Now, I enjoy going out for a walk with the sun on my back, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

“I’d definitely recommend the JETS programme, because I’m in a place where I can say that I’m happy and I’m working!”

The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: North West

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