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Looking for a more rewarding career

Tracey joined the Work and Health Programme in January 2021 having been made redundant in October 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After working for the same company for nearly 20 years, Tracey was referred to gain support with seeking work in a different sector that she found rewarding and that helped people.

Tracey had to overcome significant digital barriers, with so much of job searching, applying and interviewing now conducted online. Having worked for the same company for many years, Tracey had very limited experience of doing online job applications and using software like Microsoft Office and Teams which are now essential for submitting job applications and participating in interviews.

During her short time on the Work and Health Programme, Tracey took the initiative and managed to self-teach herself Microsoft Office 365 to the extent that she is now in a position to study for the Health and Social Care employment programme online through Activate Learning.

Initial action planning with her employment coach revealed healthcare and education sectors to be of particular interest, in no small part due to recent personal circumstances and bereavements, which inspired Tracey to seek a job which directly helped and supported people.

A successful job search

With the support of her employment coach, Tracey completed an online application for the role of Trainee Nursery Assistant with Oxfordshire Nurseries. Tracey received extra support from her employment coach in tailoring her CV and her experiences to the nursery assistant role so she could apply. Tracey was successful in getting this job which she hopes will lead to further opportunities in the sector and with an employer that is keen to invest in her skills and experience.

Tracey is also continuing to study part-time for the Health and Social Care employment programme through Activate Learning which will broaden her training in the healthcare sector and hopefully open up even more opportunities.

Tracey’s Employment Coach, Alistair, has said that she has been an excellent and proactive participant on the Work and Health Programme. He is delighted that she will be working and training in the sectors which she was interested in at the beginning of the programme. Tracey has overcome significant digital literacy barriers and benefitted from tailored support from her coach helping her to return to employment.

Tracey has so much to give and will be a huge asset to her new employer. These are the beginnings of a successful and rewarding new career.

In partnership with Activate Learning. Stock image used. The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Oxfordshire

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