Uzma’s Employment Advisor in Bournemouth, Claire Aitken:

“Uzma joined the Restart Scheme and had her first appointment with me in September. From our first meeting, I knew that Uzma was a very warm and talented young lady, who was looking for direction on how to start her career.

“She worked with me on building her CV, interview skills and getting ready to move into work. Uzma was concerned that due to being young and not being able to gain experience in work due to COVID, she would struggle to find employment. I reminded Uzma of her skills and how her personality shone through, and employers would see that.

“She has now been offered a full-time permanent contract with a large Pension Administration company! We are both very excited that this is so close to the Seetec Pluss office, as we are keen to be coffee buddies! Uzma is a true advocate for young people who are concerned that experience in the work place means everything. What an inspiration and what a truly rewarding experience for me to work, support and get to know Uzma.


The Restart Scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Area: Dorset

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