A lack of support after facing redundancy

“My name is Vivien. My story started with the JETS programme in October 2020. My local job centre forwarded my details to Seetec Pluss who offered additional help for my job search. I decided to join straight away as I loved the idea that I got assigned to an Advisor, instead of sending me general support articles about how to get a job.

“Before I lost my job, I was an Office Manager at a Tech start-up company until April 2020. The company investors had to withdraw from the business due to financial issues caused by COVID, so everyone was made redundant. Until October 2020, I couldn’t get much support, nor did I hear back from any of the companies that I applied for.

A real mentor cheering her on

“My Advisor, Camila was in contact with me regularly. She supported me with continuous advice that suited my personal and professional needs. She was a real mentor for me. Prior to joining this programme, I was thinking of signing up for a professional career coaching session, however I could not afford to pay £25-£50/hour fees during my unemployment, so I was very pleased that the government created this programme. Camila looked after dozens of other participants, however she made sure that we always had enough time to talk through everything without rushing.

“I love that my Advisor has many years of HR background so that she could provide me with detailed information about the profession, as my ultimate goal was to get a permanent job in HR. She also gave me great emotional support throughout the programme. She wished me luck before my interviews, and she became one of my top ‘cheerleaders’.

Securing her dream job

“After I joined the JETS programme and improved my CV with my Advisor, I started to receive calls for interviews. That was a huge moment for me after 7 months of silence. Shortly after, I managed to get a temporary job through JETS as a Customer Support Advisor. This helped me regain my confidence, gave me a boost and reminded me that I am a great problem solver, and I am good at my job.

“During my temporary role, I was applying for a permanent full-time role in London. From the moment I got back some of my confidence and had a positive mindset I started to get selected for more interviews and I managed to progress further into final interview stages. After a long 11 months with lots of ups and downs, I didn’t just get A job. I got THE ULTIMATE JOB that I wanted! I am currently working in London as a HR Coordinator in a permanent full-time position.

“I would like to say a huge thank you for Seetec Plus especially to Camila for all her support. Having an external help who is not your friend or family member is very beneficial, as you feel that you need to push yourself even more as you don’t want to let down your Advisor or yourself as you become a part of a process. Never stop believing in yourself and learn how to be patient with yourself and things will turn out just fine.”

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The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock image used.

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