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Adjusting to unemployment

Viv had worked all his life in customer service, including working for many years in the busy hospitality sector. He was made redundant in September 2020 and for the first time had to rely on the benefit system. Viv felt very down at this time and didn’t have a computer to start job searching and little support to help him research jobs in his area.

Getting the ball rolling

Viv’s Work Coach in Jobcentre Plus Taunton referred him to the Work and Health programme in December 2020. Viv and his Employment Coach, Loretta, immediately identified that he needed support with producing high quality job applications and with contacting employers on his behalf. Meanwhile Viv, who ‘hadn’t had to look for another job in donkeys years’, worked hard to learn functions on his smartphone so that he could start applying for jobs independently.

With the help of Seetec Pluss staff of National Careers Service, Viv’s CV was brought up to date and he received ongoing regular contact with his Employment Coach to help keep his motivation high and explore new ideas. In January 2021, Viv’s Employment Coach supported him to apply for a temporary production job in a local cheese factory via a recruitment agency.

Securing work

Viv worked several shifts there and has recently secured work via the same agency in Hermes as a Packer. He continues to work closely with his Employment Coach with the aim of securing a more permanent role. Viv agreed to participate in the Workfit programme, run by Seetec Pluss, and receives regular calls from Elizabeth to help him sustain work.

“The Work and Health Programme and Workfit are brilliant ideas because they have worked together well to help me. You are smashing!”

The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Somerset

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