“My name is Wayne. I just wanted to write a short story about my life that changed so dramatically due to an unexpected separation from my wife.

“On 12th June 2021, my wife gave me the dreaded news that ‘she loved me but was not in love with me.’ I was devastated to say the least. I went to stay with my daughter in the West Midlands.

“In November of 2020 I was made redundant and had to claim Universal Credit. After the separation, I had to make a new claim and was vigorously searching for a new job back in beautiful Cornwall. I can’t emphasise enough the pain and heartache I was feeling at this time.

“I spoke to my claim advisor at UC; her name was Roxy and she said that she could hear my pain and asked if I would like to be put on a programme called JETS with Seetec Pluss. At this time, I was willing to accept as much help as possible. In all honesty, parts of this period in my life were and still are a blur to me and I won’t hide the fact that suicidal thoughts were constantly going through my mind.

“Suddenly, I was offered a few job interviews back in Devon and Cornwall which was so amazing but then reality hit me; I had no clothes or money for fuel to travel. ‘What do I do?’ I said to myself. My Claim Advisor, Roxy, told me to go to Seetec Pluss.

“My appointment wasn’t until the following Thursday, this was on the Friday and the interviews were on Monday. At this point my head felt like it was exploding; I found the courage to contact Seetec Pluss and at this point my life changed forever.

“Seetec Pluss have helped to change my life around like I could never expect, and this is where I met my Employment Advisor, Linda. Without exaggeration, all I can say about Linda is that she has become my guardian angel, my therapist, and my lifesaver. She has literally changed my life, not just for the clothing and financial help, but her determination, commitment, desire, empathy, and sympathy that she has shown me, and because of what she has done for me, I have been able to find employment.

“Not just any employment, but my perfect job with a charity where I have the opportunity with my experience and knowledge to help others. Linda, I owe you my life and one day I hope that I get to thank you in person for being there through my darkest days. You as a person and Seetec Pluss as an organisation are amazing.”

The Work and Health JETS scheme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund. Stock image used.

Area: Cornwall

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