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Reflecting on her career

Before the affects of the pandemic, Zoe was self-employed but had to give up her residential cleaning jobs in August 2020 due to the social distancing restrictions. She didn’t have a CV and had not experienced an interview situation in over 15 years, so was understandably anxious about looking for jobs online and how to prepare for an interview.

Zoe also explained that she felt very lonely in the role that she had been in for many years, so was looking forward to an opportunity to work with a team and perhaps be on a salary with entitlements. Zoe joined the Work and Health Programme and was supported by her Change Coach with building her CV, interview prep, confidence boosting and setting out goals and sectors of interest based on previous work exposures.

A new chapter

They decided to focus on the care sector and her coach targeted local businesses on Zoe’s behalf, which lead to her securing an interview. It was Zoe who did the rest with just being herself, being proud of past achievements and telling her own story. This together with a great personality, empathy and care got her the job! Zoe was thrilled and excited, she got on so well with the manager and started her new role in January.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to my Maximus Change Coach Rachel and my JCP Work Coaches Lucy and Rosie for their amazing help and support during the last few months. As a result of the hard work and support given by all, I can now say that I am looking forward to starting a new job.

Going the extra mile

“Due to recent global events, I lost my business, my car and became unemployed. Without Rachel’s hard work, dedication, and commitment, I would not be where I am today. Rachel helped me with a CV which is something I have never needed or had before. She gave me support and guidance on how to prepare for job interviews and arranged the interview for the job I am at now. Rachel has helped and encouraged me with online courses and has gone above and beyond for me. I have the most upmost gratitude to all involved and feel very lucky to have had the help and support from the loveliest ladies, and I know they will continue to help many many more in the future.”

In partnership with Maximus. Stock image used. The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Surrey/Sussex

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