When Miles joined the Work and Health programme, he was experiencing extreme anxiety that had developed from his concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

He was keen to get back into work but needed to address ways to manage his anxiety, like leaving the house without having a panic attack.

Miles completely embraced the support of the Work and Health programme. Miles and Rowan, his Employment Coach, worked on him taking a short walk a couple of times a week and building this up to being out for a longer period, every day. This then eventually led to him meeting up with friends outdoors.

He also worked on his CV and cover letter with Rowan and began actively engaging in job search activities. Miles built up the confidence to call employers direct and discuss openings.

He eventually secured a role with Hollywood Bowl and began working with the work fit team to support his mental health whilst in work.

Rowan said;

“Miles has truly flourished in work and is going from strength to strength in self-confidence!”

Well Done to Miles, a wonderful outcome.

#NoOneLeftBehind #IGotTheJob 

The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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