Before joining the JETS programme, Allison had stopped work to be a full-time Mother and had undiagnosed dyslexia. She has back problems that require medication and prevent her from walking distances or standing for long periods of time.

In her first call with her Employment Advisor called Alex, Allison explained how remote admin work would be best suited for herself but referred to herself as illiterate. Alex believed this to not be accurate and that it could be an undiagnosed learning difficulty.

Together they completed some free online dyslexia assessments on which Allison scored highly. Alex arranged for a dyslexia assessment with the Bristol Dyslexia Centre (BDC). With Alex’s support, Allison completed the necessary questionnaires and Seetec Pluss funded her initial assessment.

Whilst she was on the waiting list for an appointment, they searched for part-time admin opportunities together, that were along Allison’s bus route. She also arranged to go back to college to complete her entry level English, Maths, Business Admin and Digital Skills in Employment courses.

After Allison attended her dyslexia appointment, it was confirmed that she had dyslexia. “It was a relief to be diagnosed, putting a name to it after believing I couldn’t spell” – Allison about receiving her formal diagnosis.

A couple of weeks later, Allison received the full report from BDC, which recommended that assistive technologies would help. Towards the end of her time on the JETS programme, Alex was able to gain approval for a C-Pen Reader and a 3-year single subscription licence to Read & Write Access to Work. Allison is currently awaiting the arrival of these products, they will provide support for her at home, when completing college coursework and in future employment.

On Alex’s final call with Allison, she asked ‘What are your future goals’?

and Allison replied;

 “Moving forward, once I’ve completed my entry level 3 in Maths and functional English level 1, I want to complete the next level and then complete a business admin course on top of that. Once I’ve completed the relevant course’s, I want to get into an office business admin job”

Alex said “Allison has been great to work with, always engaged at every appointment I wish her the best for her future”

Great ambitions Allison, well done.

The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Bristol

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