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Caroline, a seasonal worker at an ice cream parlour in Dawlish, faced uncertainty during the off-season and sought assistance from her local job centre regarding Jobseeker’s Allowance. Recognising her potential, Caroline was referred to the National Careers Service to explore additional support to enhance her career prospects.

Local Careers Adviser

Caroline met with a local careers adviser in Exeter, where she received personalised support to explore her career aspirations. The adviser carefully updated Caroline’s CV, highlighting her skills, experience, and expertise acquired during her career.

The meeting with the careers adviser proved invaluable for Caroline, boosting her confidence and self-esteem. The enhanced CV not only showcased Caroline’s capabilities but also detailed the depth of her potential, instilling her with the belief that she had much to offer. Caroline said, “I didn’t really know what to expect but the careers adviser was so nice and really got to know me and my circumstances. She even took the time to draw me up a new CV. We just went through everything, and she just typed it all out for me. She was brilliant”.

Improved confidence

Buoyed by her newfound confidence in her new CV, Caroline seized the opportunity to approach her boss about taking on a managerial position at the ice cream parlour where she worked. The role, which offered more responsibility and utilised many of the skills identified with the careers adviser, aligned perfectly with Caroline’s aspirations and capabilities. Her success in being taken on as a manager marked a significant milestone in her career journey, showcasing her growth and potential.

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Caroline’s journey exemplifies the impact of personalised support from the National Careers Service. The adviser’s assistance not only empowered Caroline to secure a managerial position but also developed her personal and professional growth, enhancing her outlook and career prospects.


Caroline’s success story underscores the vital role of the National Careers Service in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and pursue fulfilling career paths. With tailored support and guidance, individuals like Caroline can overcome challenges, boost their confidence, and embark on rewarding career journeys with renewed optimism and determination.

Her story serves as inspiration for others facing similar challenges, showcasing the transformative power of personalised support from the National Careers Service.

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