Chris Joined the Work and Health Programme after being in Devon for 14 years. He had been in temporary work at first but struggled to sustain long term employment. Chris has a learning difficulty and was refereed to Work and Health Programme for tailored support.

Before joining Work and Health, Chris’s work coach at the Job Centre, helped him to look for Jobs and before moving to Devon, Chris had worked at a supermarket and had done cleaning work. With this in mind a couple of cleaning roles in kitchens were arranged for him. However, they weren’t the right fit, because of the hours. He also struggled to get on with some of the people that he worked with.

Chris commented, “I felt misunderstood and found it hard. Kitchen work is really hard and people can get very stressed.”

It was then that he met with Work and Health Employment Coach, Anthony and received bespoke support. They looked at roles in a lot more detail and were able to consider other environments such as smaller employers and workplaces where they would be more understanding of his support needs.

Chris found a lovely role at a care home in Torquay, unfortunately, Chris had a blackout at the wheel of his car when travelling which caused him to crash. This resulted in him having to leave the role as he was unable to drive and could not get there on his own.

After that, Chris and Anthony, decided to look at roles in care homes that were close to home, where he could use his electric bike for the commute. Anthony, helped him to apply for a cleaning role in a local care home, that was easy to get to. He also helped Chris to prepare for the interview. Anthony also helped with an Access to Work application for taxi’s to work.

Chris said:

“The interview went well, and I was offered a trial shift to go and see if I like the role, which I did! I am really enjoying it. Now I am working I feel really pleased. I miss not driving but I am using my electric bike to go to work, I am paid weekly and am so pleased to be working again

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The Work and Health Programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: Mid Devon

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