When Darren was referred to the Work and Health Programme, he had lost his job due to Covid-19. Due to a car accident he had an acquired brain injury leading to short term memory loss and a speech impediment. Skip forward and he has found a new role and is flourishing in work.

Darren worked closely with his Employment Advisor, Grace whose first step was referring him to a Fedcap CV workshop where he learnt the best way to write his CV then worked face to face with Grace on the final draft. With this new CV they could begin making applications.

Grace worked with Darren and his mum (Darren’s appointee) to make sure that his job search was as linear as it could be. Darren was keen to not let his brain injury make a difference to his job search and he does not view it as a defining characteristic. He knew that he was capable of the work he was applying for and he wanted the employers to hire him for his skill and expertise.

They job searched together in the office every fortnight for warehouse, landscaping, gardening and groundwork roles. Grace made sure Darren’s applications were detailed and included his previous experience in these roles. Darren also made applications in person by taking his CV to companies that would suit him.

Not long after, Darren began getting interviews. They went through typical interview questions and techniques to use to set himself apart from others. Despite a few companies not getting back to him, Darren’s motivation was unwavering and he continued to attend appointments and send out applications with determination. He also never let his disability get in the way, he knew what he was capable of doing and he made sure that each employer knew too.

In the end, it was a gardening role that became the most promising, they emailed back while Darren was still in the office! Grace was able to help Darren ask anything important that may have slipped his mind and he was invited attend an interview. Grace was delighted to hear that Darren was accepted for the role.

Darren needed to complete online safeguarding training for the role which Grace gave him  guidance on. With Grace he also gained his right to work documents, his Covid vaccination status and completed his DBS application. Once this was all sent to the employer Darren could begin.

Darren is extremely happy with the role and he is glad to be back in full time work. Darren expressed his gratitude towards Grace and the support he has received throughout his journey. Darren will receive in work support calls to ensure that he remains stable in his new job.

On a recent visit to see Darren at work, Grace said:

“I visited Darren at his work and he was really excited about the work he was doing there. He showed me around the gardens and spoke about plans he has for the grounds and he repeated often how much he loves the job and how happy he is there.

He especially wanted me to take a picture of him on the grass because he was telling me how big the grounds are and how much mowing it takes to get it looking like that!”

The grass is looking fantastic Darren, we wish you well in your new role

In partnership with Fedcap Employment 

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The Work and Health programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.



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