Elizabeth was referred to our JETS programme after being out of work for a long time. She was looking to upskill, re-qualify and develop a new career. She is now exploring self-employment as a Divorce Coach, after finding a passion for working in mental health.

Elizabeth worked with her Employment Coach Jane at Maximus, and had this to say about her time with JETS;

“Jane rang me for the first time and I was struck by her friendliness and positivity. That has endured throughout the program and that, along with her advice and suggestions has helped build my confidence and increase my qualifications. 

“I started by taking several courses in various subjects and over time developed an interest in mental health issues.  The first course was Mental Health First Aid and Advocacy in the Workplace and that has spurred me on to obtaining a Diploma in Divorce Coaching.   

“Whilst on the program my CV was professionally re-written – I was amazed when I received this – I could not believe it was mine!

“I received online digital coaching from trainer Deborah, she showed me around LinkedIn, she was so kind and easy to work with. The Seetec Hub was also a mine of information, so much to read about, I have recently learned about Emotional Intelligence from a resource on there.

This programme is a great resource for people like me who have been out of work for some time and need to develop new skills or brush up on old ones to re-enter the job market.

“I feel I am now well equipped to move forward.”

We wish you every success Elizabeth.

In partnership with Maximus 

The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

Area: West Sussex 

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