Hannah is a hard-working single mum with a young child, when she joined JETS, she wanted to progress her career further and find something that would both be more full-filling and also fit around her childcare needs.

She was referred to JETS through Universal Credit to help look for a suitable role which would work for her as a mum to a young child. She has a background of working with children, being a cleaner and also some waitressing but she wanted to progress and explore new options.

Her Employment Advisor Aaron, was very helpful from day one, right through until Hannah found a job! They had regular phone appointments every two weeks to discuss future plans and any updates. Hannah found Aaron to be very knowledgeable and helpful, he was always easy to get a hold of and talk about any news or problems which needed solving.

One of the first barriers to overcome was Hannah’s 16-year-old computer which was very slow, it was almost impossible to efficiently look for jobs and update her CV. Aaron was able to provide her a new Laptop through the JETS program which helped hugely in her search for work.

Aaron then helped Hannah to simplify her CV, keeping it to a few pages, he explained how the first 7 seconds of reading a CV makes a difference to whether an employer engages in it or not. He gave lots of praise on how well it was written and presented.

Over the next couple of months Hannah applied for lots of jobs but didn’t have any luck, until eventually, she found an exciting new job as a delivery driver that suited her needs and worked around her childcare, she applied and got the job! 

At the beginning of her new job, Hannah struggled with petrol money in getting to places. The job reimburses this every week, but as this was her first week she would not get paid until a week later. After reaching out to Aaron, he very quickly helped to provide her with money towards petrol. This enabled Hannah to carry on driving and keep her job.

Despite her mental health worries and the challenges of being a single parent, thanks to Aaron and the JETS program, Hannah has managed to stay positive, be less stressed, feel more worthy and more confident. She has been able to not only apply for jobs and participate at interviews but fully succeed in finding what she was looking for.

Congratulations Hannah.

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The Work and Health JETS programme is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

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