Mr S joined the Work and Health Programme in September 2019.

He arrived lacking in confidence and feeling anxious. He required support to attend his first meetings due to his nervousness.

During his initial discussions, Mr S explained that he had worked for over twenty-five years with a national utilities company, carrying out a responsible and well-paid job. However, due to events in his personal life a few years ago, he had lost his job and his young family who live in Dorset, and he was now looking to start again on his own in Somerset.

With no fixed idea as to what type of role he was looking for, Mr S was clear that he did not wish to return to the job he had been doing for most of his working life, as he felt that his previous career now held responsibilities he could no longer cope with. His general thoughts were to look at the possibilities of something outdoors.

Although he was struggling with his confidence, Mr S had already completed a CSC Card Course and a Traffic Management Course so had clear motivation towards finding work.

Working with his Change Coach, Mr S created a new CV, attended training to help with his confidence, and received regular support and guidance in preparation for interviews.

Mr S began to feel more confident and was offered a work trial within a small franchised food store. Keen to try something different, Mr S threw himself into this opportunity. However, after a little while, it became clear that this was not the right situation, so we decided to regroup and consider what else may suit him.

It was good that Mr S now had some initial work experience and despite this setback, his confidence was growing, and he was clearly determined to find work, fully engaged and considering lots of opportunities.

During the restrictions of COVID-19, Mr S only had a mobile phone available to complete applications. This now required a different kind of support and encouragement to help Mr S complete several online applications. Mr S showed great patience and tenacity.

The Employer Service Team identified vacancies for retail store cleaners post lockdown. We discussed with Mr S and he quickly displayed his enthusiasm for attending an interview. This was duly arranged, and we offered pre-interview advice and guidance sessions.

Following a very successful interview, Mr S started the role almost immediately with a few hours of work contracted each week and a 6am start time. Being the reliable employee he has become after only a few weeks, Mr S is now covering various shifts and hitting thirty hours per week.

He loves his job, feels very pleased with what he is doing as it suits his needs both in terms of the additional money he is now earning but more importantly, his self-esteem has risen immeasurably.

Huge congratulations Mr S!

The Work and Health Programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

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