Donna made a self-referral to the Positive People project following a talk made by a Change Coach from CN4C to her class at Cornwall College.

Initially, Donna was not ready to look for employment but wanted to be as prepared as possible to enter the job market when her course finished, particularly to develop her confidence and CV.

Donna’s Change Coach referred her to Active Plus and Cornwall Marine Network (CMN) to do some preparatory work and, when she successfully completed her course, she made a concerted effort to continue working with CMN to explore the job market.

Through working with CMN and her Change Coach, Donna decided that she was interested in the possibility of working in the voluntary/care sector and so her Change Coach referred her to the Chaos Cares initiative run by the CHAOS group.

Through her work specifically with Kylie, who facilitates the CHAOS Cares initiative, Donna started to apply for a range of different roles in the voluntary sector that Kylie and her Change Coach felt she was particularly suited for.

Donna’s Change Coach, Rhisiart, said, “Kylie provided bespoke employability support for Donna. She always kept me informed about what they were doing which was beneficial for our work together because we were not doubling up. Rather we worked around Donna and were able to support her in a more effective way to apply for a variety of jobs in the sector.

“Kylie encouraged Donna to apply for a role with Cornwall Marine Network. Through working closely with Kylie, Donna became confident enough to apply for the role. When she was offered an interview she felt that she was now in a position to job search autonomously and felt sure that this was the sector that she wanted to work in”.

Donna was offered the job with CMN. She was overjoyed at being offered the position and told participants at a CN4C online forum that she felt that she had been extremely well supported by everyone she had worked with on the Positive People project.

Rhisiart added, “Three out of my two participants that have gone to CHAOS Cares so far, have resulted in two job search outcomes, which soon became actual employment for the participants. I feel confident that the third will develop in the same way! I would encourage more of our partners to refer to this excellent service.”

Words from Cornwall Marine Network:

Here at CMN we have been recruiting and we want to welcome all of our new recruits.

Included in this, I would like to welcome Donna who is one of our new Project Co‐Ordinators. Donna started her career but was fortunate enough to take some time out to be a full-time parent.

As all of us parents know, this is the most important, wonderful and challenging job you can have. However, after being out of a career-focused role for some time, Donna found that she had lost her confidence and felt she no longer had the skills required to progress.

Wanting to get her career back on track, Donna spent much of 2019 and a part of 2020 in attending college to enhance her knowledge and qualifications. Now ready to engage in meaningful employment, Donna was introduced to the Positive People Programme, where she received support to regain her confidence, identify her skills and get practical help with her CV, job applications and interview practice.

Donna explained says, “Positive people helped me to overcome this challenge because they highlighted my transferable skills and gave me advice on the jobs and roles that I would be successful in. They helped me with my confidence by being positive about skills and encouraged me at all times.

“They were a massive support and sounding board for when I was feeling overwhelmed, and I called on them when I needed their help. I have now secured a job and not just a job but a new career with the potential to grow in the business. I feel like I am on my journey to thriving. I feel happy and blessed to have had so many people to support me on my journey into employment.”

A fantastic result accomplished through Donna’s drive and determination and with wonderful partnership working behind her. This proves that no matter what your employment goals, we can help!

Donna received support from CN4C, Chaos Cares, Active Plus and CMN

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